Hiring strategies become more competitive

Accelerated economic growth has left 52% of UAE organisations struggling to find qualified professionals. New hiring strategies will focus on reducing hiring times, the promotion of company culture and raising base-level salaries. Download the guide to find out more.

The rise of automation and the future of work

The implementation of automation has become a concern for 29% of business leaders. Organisations are expected to adopt aggressive tactics to attract professionals with the digital skills needed to successfully implement, launch and maintain automation or AI initiatives. Start planning your new approach with insights from the latest Salary Guide.

Training is a key element in retention

Employee training is the second most popular retention tactic and is used by 44% of employers to help improve skill sets and workplace satisfaction. The majority (86%) of employers said they felt candidates were more likely to leave an organisation that couldn’t provide the requested training. How will you factor training into your 2019 retention strategy?

Leveraging streamlined remuneration packages

According to 90% of UAE hiring managers, candidates have higher expectations than salary alone, they are also looking for flexible working and a higher bonus. Consult the 2019 Salary Guide for insights into salary ranges and benefit trends to ensure your employment offer is competitive enough.

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